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28 August 2020

Heed business and industry bodies’ warning on climate change, farmers tell government

Farmers for Climate Action is urging the Federal Government to heed the warning of leading business and industry bodies and move quickly to prepare Australia for the escalating threat of climate change.

Organisations including the Business Council of Australia, the Australian Industry Group and the National Farmers’ Federation released a statement today urging federal and state governments to act immediately to reduce and manage climate risks, and commit to net zero emissions by 2050.

Farmers for Climate Action has launched a petition calling on the Federal Government to set a net zero target of 2050, which has so far attracted just over 3000 signatures.

Farmers for Climate Action farm outreach officer Peter Holding, himself a third generation farmer at Harden, NSW, said primary producers were on the frontlines of climate change in Australia.

“We’re facing more frequent and severe droughts, floods and bushfires, it’s already costing us money. Insurance premiums are going up in the face of these escalating threats.

“Australian governments’ lack of action on climate change is putting livelihoods at risk, they need to listen to this warning from our leading industry bodies and take it seriously.

“We need a coordinated approach to both building resilience to the changing climate and reducing Australia’s carbon emissions.”

“The Commonwealth Government has signalled it supports expanding the nation’s gas industry as part of the country’s post-COVID economic recovery, a move that is completely contrary to meaningful action on climate change.

“It should instead be investing in this country’s agricultural and renewables sector, to create good jobs for regional Australians.”

Research released at the end of 2019 by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences found that since the year 2000, the impacts of climate change have cut average annual broadacre farm profits by around 22 per cent.

The same study found that the average loss in production of broadacre crops across Australia since the year 2000 has amounted to $1.1 billion a year.

Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of farmers, agricultural leaders and rural Australians working to ensure farmers, who are on the frontlines of climate change, are a key part of the solution to climate change. It represents around 5000 farmers.

Its petition can be found on its website:


To interview Peter Holding, contact Lara Nicholson on 0431 050 768 or [email protected]

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