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Farmers deserve certainty on net zero target

26 April 2022

Farmers are calling for certainty on Australia’s net zero by 2050 emissions reduction target, amid mixed messages from the Coalition. 

Farmers applauded when the Nationals Party room voted for a net zero by 2050 target, locking in the Coalition’s commitment on the issue and giving farmers certainty and clarity.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO Fiona Davis said: “We are disappointed and confused to see Coalition figures now undermining their own net zero emissions target, ripping away certainty and clarity.

“Farmers need a stable climate with reliable rainfall to grow your food. Australia can protect our farmers and food supply by taking the opportunity to make deep emissions reductions this decade across all sectors.

“The energy and transport sectors in particular have clear opportunities to reduce emissions rapidly, with significant additional benefits to farmers and regional Australians.

“Strong climate policy would bring additional jobs to regional Australia, including an estimated 30,000 regional jobs in renewable energy at a time when export opportunities for coal are waning.

“If we act quickly and provide certainty, there is the potential for real economic opportunities for farmers to use carbon and environmental markets to build productivity and resilience while being good stewards of the land.

“Farmers deserve certainty and clarity. Changing the commitment or breaking a promise mid-election campaign provides neither.”


Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of 7000 farmers calling for strong economy-wide climate policies.

To arrange an interview with Fiona or a local farmer please contact Amelia Pepe on 0429 618 735 or [email protected] or Rebecca Gredley on 0484 008 095 or [email protected]

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