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22 May 2022

The country, suburbs and city have united to vote for stronger climate policy, Farmers for Climate Action CEO Fiona Davis said today.

“Australian voters have backed deeper emission reductions this decade, which we need to protect the farmers who grow our food,” Dr Davis said

“Voters across the country, the suburbs and the city have spoken clearly: they want stronger climate policy. This reflects what we’re hearing from our more than 7,000 farmer supporters across Australia.

“The vote for climate was not just seen in city seats for teal independents. In regional seats across the country, voters backed candidates who backed stronger climate policy.

“Strong climate policy can reduce the cost of living in the country and the city by cutting electricity bills and transport costs.

“Australian voters have sent a message and we hope all politicians listen.

“We need deep emissions reductions this decade to protect Australian farmers from extreme weather events caused by climate change, and ensure we are able to continue to produce food for Australia and the world.

“Australian farmers have shown that agriculture is ready and able to lead. With the right policy support, Australian agriculture can be carbon neutral well before 2050. But emissions reductions are needed across all sectors of the economy. Other sectors need to play their part and rapidly reduce emissions.

“If we act quickly, there are huge economic opportunities for farmers and regional Australians. Let’s not miss the opportunity to create secure, resilient jobs and livelihoods for farmers and regional Australians.”

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