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Andrew Young

We are vegetable growers and work across 300 hectares

Near Mildura, North West Victoria

Can you tell us about your property?

We are commercial growers that grow on contract to winter supply salad packaging companies.

What first got you thinking about climate change? 

I can’t remember what first got me thinking about climate change since it has been an important issue for such a long time. However, I got particularly climate-minded following disappointment about a carbon tax under the Abbott Government.

What are some of the strategies you’ve been employing to build resilience and how successful have they been?

We are neutral and are aiming to create a genuine reduction in emissions. I have also purchased climate credits to acknowledge my own contribution to problem. While I feel pain for emissions, out of it becomes positive action. Commercial growers grow on contract to winter supply salad packaging companies.

We are investigating soil use and rotations and are also looking to electrify tractors. However, it is challenging to source batteries large enough. In addition to investigating tractor electrification, we are seeking to reduce our footprint per ton of produce sent out by increasing our yield.

Do you use renewable energy on your farm?  What are the benefits?

Yes. 30 kilowatts (portion of usage). Reduced carbon output and cost. We have solar power on our property, which produces 30 kilowatts of energy. This has reduced our carbon output, as well as our costs.

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