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Who: Sarah McDonald
What:  20-acre regenerative equine property
Where: The Pyrenees Ranges, Western Victoria

Can you tell us about your property?

I bought my property in March 2021, expanding from a 2 acre plot. I have been able to use practices learnt in Farmers for Climate Action fellowship, such as rotational grazing and soil testing. On my regenerative property, I aim to choose natural options over chemical ones. It is just myself who works on my farm.

What first got you thinking about climate change?

As a child in the 80s, there was considerable consciousness about environmental issues. Since I were a child, I have always been climate-minded, and have been engaged in climate activism in the past. Climate actions is a long-standing passion of mine, and is one of the most important things to be done right now. I am not a typical farmer, and it can be challenging to spread the word about climate action to the farming community. I want to set up an off-grid house on land and provide workshops on regenerative practices to people in the community.

Do you use renewable energy on your farm?  What are the benefits?

I am in the process of implementing solar systems on-farm. This includes solar fencing and a solar pump, which will replace my existing petrol pump. The benefits of this transition will be considerable. It is a cleaner form of energy and will also reduce costs. The ability to automate this technology will also save labour.

If you could send a message about climate change to the Federal Government, what would it be?

There is no issue more important than this.

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