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22 June 2022

NSW Budget response – FCA statement on biodiversity funds

$206 million NSW Sustainable Farming Program to benefit biodiversity, climate and community

Farmers for Climate Action has welcomed the $206 million investment by the NSW Government into a Sustainable Farming Program.

The Program will pay farmers up to $135,000 to improve biodiversity, lower emissions and take up sustainable land practices. Payments will be made to secure and maintain accreditation showing this sustainable management.

“Farmers for Climate Action welcomes schemes which help farmers become more resilient to climate change by creating new sources of income,” FCA CEO Dr Fiona Davis said.

“For instance, droughts are becoming much more common and income from a scheme such as this could keep a farm family going when the grass isn’t growing or water entitlements have dried up.

“We are glad to see a recognition that in order to work, the scheme needs to be both practical for farmers and have high integrity to provide confidence to potential investors”

“Farmers have always done work which benefits biodiversity, climate and the community. It makes sense they should be rewarded for it.”

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