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Who: Catriona Murdoch
What:  We have 5,000 acres and farm beef cattle
Where: The border of North and South Burnett in Queensland

Can you tell us about your property?

We have been farming on our in QLD for 6 years. We had a farm in NSW for 30 years previous to this. My husband and I farm cattle and run a regenerative farming business.


What first got you thinking about climate change? 

We learned about climate change and verified the facts surrounding the issue. I have always been concerned about droughts and have since been interested in the link between natural disasters and human action.


How has climate change impacted your farm business?

We have become more conscious about the climate in the running of our farm. We have managed it under the ground up, and this includes a focus on healthy soil and ground cover. We must manage the land in a manner that is best for the country, and this will ultimately have a positive impact on the climate.


Do you use renewable energy on your farm? What are the benefits?

We currently have solar panels on our house. In developing our property, we would consider solar on farm (for pumps etc) in the future. It would also be wonderful to set up renewable energy using our creek, but it is too costly at the moment.


If you could send a message about climate change to the Federal Government (in 50 words or less) what would it be?

Without managing land correctly, the problem will not be solved. The people who are managing their land correctly should be rewarded and the government should incentivise people to do so.

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