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7 July 2022

Farmers hurt by ongoing floods in New South Wales


Farmers for Climate Action is thinking of those hurt by the recent, repeated flooding in NSW, Farmers for Climate Action CEO Dr Fiona Davis said today.


“I cannot imagine the pain of families having worked for decades to build a farm business only to see it taken away,” Dr Davis said.


“So many of our farmers are really suffering right now. Our farmers deserve safety and security but they do not have it in an unbalanced climate caused by carbon emissions.


“This is the third time areas west of Sydney have flooded in three years.


“Insurance Council of Australia data shows the 2022 floods in northern NSW and south east Queensland cost $3.35 billion in insured losses. Repeated, climate driven disasters are driving up insurance costs, making some farms unviable.


“The opportunity for Regional Australia is enormous if we drive down emissions this decade: we will create a regional jobs boom whilst we protect the farmers who grow our food. Let’s not miss the opportunity.


Sam Rumpit, from Saddler’s Creek Wines in the Hunter Valley said while he felt the vineyard had “got off extremely lightly”, the business was still being hurt.


“We can’t send wine anywhere through transport if the roads are closed. We can’t meet people through the cellar door. We’ve held off for a month but we can’t hold off pruning any longer or risk a bad vintage. This puts our vines at risks for disease and injury.


“Another big issue is losing topsoil – the leaching of nutrients as the flood waters have washed through the region. The roads in the Hunter area also falling apart. The heavy rain wears you down mentally especially, as the wine industry relies on the rain stopping. We have staff that can’t even get to work because they can’t cross the roads that are flooded.


“We’ve had big rainfall events in the past but the frequency of them due to climate change obviously has just increased ridiculously – I see people all over the Hunter and other parts saying this is the second or third time they’ve been flooded.”


NSW farmer and Farmers for Climate Action Chair, Charlie Prell and Sam Rumpit from Saddler’s Creek Wines are available for interview.


Farmers for Climate Action represents 7000 farmers aiming for strong economy-wide emissions reduction.

Media contacts:  Jacqui Street 0498 188 528 / [email protected]

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