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Monday 27th May 2024

Farmers for Climate Action, representing 8200 farmers across Australia, is relieved by news that a vital Australian water supply will be protected.

Farmers for Climate Action was one of the first farm groups to strongly oppose the plan to use the Great Artesian Basin as a carbon capture storage reservoir for coal company Glencore. Some 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide would have been pumped into the basin under the plan, potentially risking the quality of water that communities rely upon.

CEO Natalie Collard welcomed the decision by the Queensland Government to refuse the project, and reminded that more than 180,000 people across inland Australia rely on the Great Artesian Basin for water.

“We celebrate this decision to protect our farmers and our food supply, and congratulate every farm group which fought against this proposal,” Ms Collard said.

“If we are to keep farmers farming, we need clean water to grow food. Clean water is sacred and we must protect it at all costs. Water quality and security is national security.

“Farmers for Climate Action strongly supported court action by Queensland farm group AgForce to stop this project and protect clean water, and we’re thrilled the Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation has refused the application on the grounds of potential impacts on groundwater in the Great Artesian Basin.

“The idea that we could allow billionaire polluters to risk the clean water that grows our food was ridiculous. We need to move to clean sources of energy which don’t pollute our air and water.

“Farmers for Climate Action will keep fighting for deep pollution reduction this decade to protect our air and water and keep farmers farming.”

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